Employee Benefits at Research Psychiatric Center

Benefit Full-time Part-time PRN
Health Insurance - coverage begins on thirty-first day of employment
Dental Insurance - coverage begins on thirty-first day of employment
Vision Insurance - coverage begins on thirty-first day of employment
Flexible Spending Accounts - may pay health & dental insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses, & child care expenses with pre-tax income
401(k) Plan - employer match available
Employee Stock Purchase
Paid Time Off - accrue immediately; available to use after 90 days
Short Term Disability - 60% coverage; buy-up option available
Long Term Disability - may purchase coverage for employee only
Term Life Insurance - coverage begins on thirty-first day of employment (employer paid) 1x annual salary
Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance - may purchase additional coverage for associate, spouse and dependents $15k policy for employee available
Bright Horizons Care Advantage (e.g. babysitter, nanny, support for a special needs child, elder care provider, and more)
Bereavement Leave - paid time off for loss of a recognized family member 24 hrs 12 hrs Unpaid
Jury Duty Leave
Education Reimbursement - after 90 days of employment in eligible position
Employee Assistance Program - free confidential counseling for all employees and dependents
Consumer Discounts - immediately available
Adoption Assistance
Core Plus Benefits (e.g. pet insurance, LifeLock, etc)
Direct Deposit
Cafeteria Discount - where available
Free Parking

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Part-time employee that has status in payroll system at least 40 hours per pay period

In some cases, dependent on hours actually worked, PRN may be offered opportunity to enroll in the Essential Health Plan. Details will be mailed to PRN employees who qualify.

Full-Time employee is defined as regularly scheduled 64 – 80 hours per pay period
Part-Time employee is regularly scheduled less than 64 hours per pay period
PRN/On-Call employee is defined as working on an as-needed basis

This list is a summary of benefits and not a statement of policy. This summary is not part of a contract and no applicant or employee has any contractual rights to the matters set forth. There may be changes to the benefits outlined in this summary or the legal documents or Human Resources policies and procedures governing them that will affect present and future applicants and employees. Also, charges for benefits may be increased, decreased, initiated, or eliminated at any time. Contact Human Resources for additional information.