At Research Psychiatric Center, our psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in helping adults find stability among the different life stresses and problems an individual can face. It is our goal to put our patients on a path toward recovery and a better life.

Adult inpatient services

Adult treatment program

Tailored to meet the needs of adults 18 and older suffering from acute emotional or mental disorders, Research Psychiatric Center provides inpatient services for a variety of psychiatric disorders.

The Treatment Mall

The Treatment Mall at Research Psychiatric Center offers adult patients greater ownership in their treatment while building the life skills they need to progress in their recovery.

  • Needs-based system which assists the patient in reaching specific treatment goals by allowing patients to attend groups in specialty tracks.
  • Tracks include: thought disorders, mood disorders, chemical addiction, trauma, grief, depression, pain and anxiety.
  • Unique and separate treatment malls are utilized for our adult population to provide a truly individualized plan of care.
  • The group facilitators within our treatment malls are specialized in a variety of areas and utilize different modalities depending on their discipline.
  • The group facilitators include Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Nutritionists, Art Therapists, Recreational Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Mental Health Counselors.
  • The patients leave their unit for the programming each day and attend groups in different areas of the hospital according to a daily individualized schedule.

Vine unit

The Vine Unit offers an active, intensive therapy program for stabilization of acute depression and anxiety, as well as other mood disorders, adjustment disorders, and substance abuse issues. Patients on this unit are highly motivated to engage in their treatment, and participate in a full day of group and individual therapy. Learn more about the Vine Unit

Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT)

Patients using this service arrive early in the morning for pre-procedure preparation and stay in the hospital for approximately four hours, from treatment through recovery. Learn more Electro-Convulsive Therapy

Adult outpatient services

Research Psychiatric Center offers a Partial Hospital Program and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for those struggling with emotional or behavioral issues.

Outpatient Services