Telebehavioral program

Research Psychiatric Center offers the option to participate virtually in our Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs.

Here is how the telebehavioral program serves patients:

  • Deliver expert clinical care to those that are unable to continue in person treatment.
  • Utilize WebEx Meetings, a secure HIPAA compliant platform that is easy to use for both the provider and the patient.
  • Ensure patient confidentiality with an informed consent for treatment.
  • Establish a plan for psychiatric emergencies that may present during a telehealth visit reviewed with each patient before each session.
  • Reduces potential exposure to viral pathogens, while maintaining patients’ connection to others.
  • Evaluation for appropriateness will include training and set up for patients.

Patients that are appropriate for virtual group setting will need:

  • Access to laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Ability to download the WebEx Meetings app
  • Ability to navigate tele platform and cell data or WIFI access

Call (844) 207-4511 to schedule an appointment for an assessment.