We are excited to introduce a brand new service exclusive to Research Psychiatric Center. The Vine Unit is a relaxing place with an advanced therapy protocol for high functioning patients that need stabilization. Our newly remodeled Vine Unit offers a retreat for individuals seeking new insights, perspectives, and coping strategies to help manage their lives. We offer a thorough assessment of the stressors in their life and provide immediate psychiatric care in a world where getting in with an area psychiatrist can be challenging.

This environment offers both individual and group therapy. Therapy includes MHT, nursing, and Expressive therapy services. Psychotherapy groups, nursing, and MHT groups flow together for a more intensive therapeutic treatment experience for patients. Patients on this unit are highly motivated to engage in this therapy and have the cognitive ability to benefit from this level of treatment. Upon discharge, individuals will come away with a full treatment plan that mayinclude Outpatient Programs, medication management and better ways to manage stress.